The Consumer Data Standards program is being supported by four open work streams, sharing feedback and progress with the broader Australian and international community. The Engineering work stream focuses on delivering usable software components (Reference Implementations) and system artefacts (sandbox). Sign up for updates from the engineering work stream here.

The description of the artefacts are technical in nature and an overview can be found here.

July 2019 Update:

Since the May 2019 draft was released, the Engineering stream held its second workshop on the 6th June to demonstrate the current state of the reference implementation with the desktop sandbox and conformance tools available to the CDR community. These tools that have been developed by the team are available for download on GitHub and fully support the structural/syntactic checking of Product Reference Data (PRD) endpoints, provided by Data Holders, against the standard. 

The Engineering team has continued updating the sandbox and conformance tools and a comprehensive Quickstart document describing the usage of the engineering artefacts is available here.

Finally, to facilitate the review of Product Reference Data released by the banks on 1 July 2019 the team developed a simple proof-of-concept PRD viewer/comparator tool. The PRD viewer/comparator can display and compare different banking products side-by-side and, in accordance with our transparency policy, all the code is available on GitHub. It is not intended to develop this tool beyond a proof of concept to assist in assessing conformance and usefulness the banking product data.

We are also working with ACCC and the Data Holders to evaluate the conformance and usability of data released from 1 July 2019, utilising the Product Reference Data standards.