Our scope of work

The aim of the CX Workstream is to help organisations provide consumers with simple, informed, and trusted data sharing experiences that conform to the CDR Rules.

The Consent Model represents the current scope of the CX Workstream. ‘Consent Model’ refers to the following below.

The Consent Flow

  • Consent (the data recipient requesting consumer data)
  • Authentication (the consumer authenticating themselves with the data holder)
  • Authorisation (the consumer authorising the data holder to their share with the data recipient)

Consent Management

  • A consent management dashboard hosted by the data recipient
  • An authorisation management dashboard hosted by the data holder


  • Withdrawing the consent/authorisation of data sharing


  • Consent durations will last up to 12 months, and consumers will need to reauthorise data sharing prior to the arrangement expiring if they wish to continue sharing CDR data with a data recipient.

The CX Workstream will provide guidance and advice on interrelated items within this scope, but this work will also help inform the broader CDR ecosystem. A successful consumer experience will be fostered by an evidence-based Consent Model and a trusted CDR ecosystem. Combining these frameworks can help consumers:

  • Understand what they are consenting to and why their data is being requested
  • Understand what they are sharing and how it will be used
  • Understand and trust who will have access to their data and the duration of that access
  • Understand how to manage and revoke sharing
  • Understand the implications of revocation
  • Feel confident and informed about the sharing of their data
  • Understand how to navigate the Consent Model

CX outputs


This section includes the various reports that the CX Workstream has released to date.
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Consultation Drafts

To put the ACCC Rules into effect and to achieve the CX objectives, the CX workstream will be research-driven and informed by community consultation. This section consists of the various decisions that we have released for feedback from the community.
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