The Consumer Data Standards Program is producing a range of reports and outputs from workshops and research.  As we generate them, we’ll add links to this page.

Consumer experience

In February 2019, the Consumer Experience work stream has put together a release package for public sharing and community feedback.

This includes the Consumer Data Standards – Phase 1 CX Report, which covers the findings and preliminary recommendations from several rounds of research conducted by Tobias, CHOICE, and Data61. The first draft of the CX Standards will be based on these recommendations and community feedback.

This release also contains PDFs and Invision prototypes of the Consent Flow, which incorporate recommendations and other considerations. The basis of these recommendations are in the Phase 1 CX Report.

Finally, we’ve included the proposed structure of the CX Standards, which will be populated with the Phase 1 CX Report recommendations and other content following community feedback.

Consumer Data Standards – Phase 1 CX Report (February 2019)

Consumer Data Standards – CX Draft Standards v0.1 Report (February 2019)

Consent Flow screens – Apply for Credit (February 2019)

Consent Flow Invision prototype – Apply for Credit (February 2019)

Consent Flow screens – The Accounting Tool (February 2019)

Consent Flow Invision Prototype – The Accounting Tool (February 2019)

In December 2018, the Consumer Experience workstream released a draft roadmap summarising a proposed Phase One of research and future research phases.

The latest working draft of the Roadmap, which continues to evolve and change with feedback from the community and CDR partner agencies, is available below. Mechanisms for providing feedback are included at the end of the working draft.

CX Roadmap Working Draft 2.0 (December 2018)

On 30 October 2018 (Sydney) and 1 November 2018 (Melbourne), the Consumer Experience work stream invited UX and consumer research practitioners to participate in the development of consumer research, written advice, user journeys and wireframes that form the deliverables for the CDR Consumer Experience work stream.

Defining the UX of Consent Report (November 2018)

Appendices (Defining the UX of Consent) (November 2018)

In August 2018, the Consumer Data Standards Program facilitated a workshop with stakeholders in the banking sector exploring use cases for open banking, the first implementation of the Consumer Data Right regime. At the workshop, participants discussed key use cases for consumers (both individuals and SMEs) benefiting from open banking, as well as issues still to be explored.

Use Case Workshop Report_August 2018

Information Security

The Information Security work stream has been undertaking discussions and publishing draft proposals for feedback on GitHub since October 2018. Working drafts and feedback from participants can be found here.

As part of the preparation of a comprehensive draft information security profile, Data61 commissioned expert consultancy Galexia to provide advice on the profile and conduct an independent review of progress. This review has been published as part of the Consumer Data Program’s Christmas Working Draft.

Galexia Review: Consumer Data Standards – Security Profile (CDS-SP) (December 2018)

API standards

The API Standards work stream has been undertaking discussions and publishing micro decision proposals on GitHub since August 2018. A full list of all decision proposals and discussions between participants on GitHub can be found here.